Px8 engine problems

Discussion in ' Trucks [ Eighteen Wheelers ] ' started by wihusker13Jan 8, Log in or Sign up. Find Trucking Jobs. Jan 8, 1. Does anyone have any experience with the new line of engines by Paccar? Fuel mileage, reliability, power etc.? Thanks in advance. Yes, let employers and TruckersReport text me with new opportunities, job alerts and other career information to the number I provided.

There is no charge for this service, but standard message and data rates may apply. Jan 9, 2. So far there doing good, just like alot of the new products out there are some bugs in the system. Were doing software updates as well as misc. What I'm hearing back from cust. We havn't seen any other issues other then the software updates going on right now and a check engine light on for minor things like sensor going bad. DutchJan 9, Jan 9, 3. Low power and higher fuel consumption than equivalent Volvo.

They also use too much oil. This is about euro version, don't know how much different US version is. V8LennyJan 9, Scania man Thanks this. Jan 9, 4. I try to find wiring diagramm to find a problem Becouse no responce from engine unit So driving exotic Paccar engine you'll have some problems with maintanace and repare, so IMO, Cummins ore Cat engines are better. Pablo-UAJan 9, Jan 9, 5. I have 7 Paccar engine trucks.

Two are actually just re-badged Cummins. These are in 2 straight trucks. The other 5 are class 8 trucks. Good on fuel and mechanically no problems, all at about K. Electrical problems a number of times as wiring is very thin and breaks mid harness on rough roads.

Inter-coolers tend to crack at about K.Click here to learn more. Dismiss Notice Cummins 6. Log in or Sign up. Sign up now! Read the timely article from Turf addressing this question. Cummins 6. Messages: A friend of mine is looking at getting back into RV hauling, and wants some help on engine Choices.

See below Specing a medium duty truck for my RV trailer logistics company. Truck will likely be a Freightliner M2 with an Allison automatic transmission. It will weigh roughly 11, pounds and the biggest trailers I haul are between 12 to 14, pounds. I'm wondering, will the 6. I'm trying to run as efficiently as I can, but of all the RV and trucking forums I have posted on and dealers I have spoken to, I can't get a clear answer on this.

Paccar MX13 Fuel Issues - Check Valve

I like that the 8. Thank You. Last edited: Apr 1, WilliamBosApr 1, Messages: 1, I don't know about the mileage between the two motors, but I will say that while the 6. The bigger 8. If he's really concerned with mileage, if I were him I'd forget the Allison and get either a Smartshift-type automated manual or a full manual.

Both should get better over-the-road mileage than an Allison. I will let him know this.Page of 94 Go. Page 88 - California Emissions Components Statemen Table of Contents. Page 4 PACCAR reserves the right to discontinue, change specifications, or change the design of its vehicles at any time without notice and without incurring any obligation. Page 5: Paccar The information, specifications, and recommended maintenance guidelines in this manual are based on information in effect at the time of printing.

Page 6 Foreword Page 8 On-Highway Page Illustrations Useful information. The illustrations are intended to show repair or replacement procedures. The procedure will be the same for all applica- tions, although the illustration can differ.

Page General Safety Instructions Do not check for pressure leaks with your jewelry when working. High pressure oil or fuel can cause personal injury. Page 12 [50 lb] or more.

px8 engine problems

Make sure all lifting devices such as any service work. Page 13 Fluid is ingested, contact a physician immediately. Vanadium Pentoxide has been determined by the State of California to cause cancer. Page Engine Identification Engine Dataplate The dataplate is located on the top side of the gear housing. Additional engine information is on the electronic model and horsepower rating. This section of the manual provides all of the necessary information required for proper engine operation.

NOTE: Numerous safety devices ie engine shutoff devices are available to minimize the risk of engine overspeeding caused by combustible vapors being ingested into the air intake system. Page Normal Starting Procedure With the accelerator pedal in the idle position, turn the key switch to the ON position. PACCAR recommends the installation of an air intake shutoff device or a similar safety device to minimize the risk of overspeeding, as can occur when the vehicle, is being operated in a combustible environment, such as from a fuel spill or gas leak.

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Page 22 3. Under cold conditions, the Wait-to-Start lamp will illuminate at key on, and will stay on for a period of up to 30 seconds. Page 23 This should be considered an emergency.

Oper- ating the engine in this condition may cause severe engine damage. You should stop the vehicle as safely as possible. The vehicle must be serviced and the problem corrected before driving again. If equipped with an intake air heater, the Wait-To-Start lamp will stay on longer. Contact your authorized PACCAR repair location for other cold weather Monitor the oil pressure and coolant temperature gauges starting aid options. After the temper- ature returns to normal, allow the engine to idle 3 to 5 minutes before shutting it off.

This allows the engine to cool gradually and uniformly. Page Lubricating Recommentations And Specifications grid heater needs to warm the intake air prior to starting the engine.Forums New posts Search forums. Media New media New comments Search media.

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Cummins 6.7L vs 8.3L in a medium duty truck??????

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Mike Well-Known Member Staff member. May end up going used, but that is beside the point for now. If you were to buy a brand new truck not a gliderand had the above 4 engines to choose from obviously, a couple of the choices are going to narrow you down to a specific model of truck alsowhich would you choose and why? So far, I am having good luck with the Detroit DD This is currently my 3rd truck with this engine, and it has been a great powerplant in each truck.

Haven't had one in action over K though, so no idea about long term durability. ISX horror stories scare me. Guessing they got most of the bugs worked out at this point, but a little nervous about taking a chance with one. Would you? Why or why not? Volvo - not really considering it, but it is here for the opinions. Right now, I am leaning toward a Freightliner because of my comfort level with Detroit. Tim U. Constitution Supporter. With todays sad sack of choices I'd have to go with Detroit.

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Blood Driveler Emeritus. None of the above. Nothing on the market has been established as reliable for the long term.Forums New posts Search forums. Media New media New comments Search media. Resources Latest reviews Search resources. Log in Register. Search titles only. Search Advanced search…. New posts. Search forums. Log in. JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Alvaro Aranda Member. I am purchasing a new vehicle, but I am undecided which of the following engines to go with.

I'm interested in quality, I want the most reliable engine even if I have to sacrifice price and fuel. These are my only options since I am needing a cabover which only peterbilt, mack and autocar make and these are the engines they offer. I know the engines these days have a lot of garbage added to them as in sensors, after treatment, but these is what we have to work with.

Everyone has good experiences with many of these engines and many of you have had bad experiences with these. Can you give me your opinion and suggestions what engine to go with. I am needing something in the hp range with a Allison automatic. I don't have a preference of the vehicle manufacture, just the engine. Injun Rabid Squaw Staff member. Injun said:. Chewbacca Well-Known Member. Id stay away from the MP7.

The graph shows the relationship between the number of hours

When i turned wrenches for the garbage company a few years back, we had a couple of brand new at the time 09 Mack MRs.

They had the DPF system and spent more time on the back of a hook than picking up trash. Chewbacca said:. ISX The harder an engine has to work, the faster it will wear out. A 12 will not have to work as hard as an 8. Yes, it will. But it'll give you fewer problems than the others.

px8 engine problems

DubbleD Color Commentator. Alvaro Aranda said:. That's the information I'm looking for. This is going on a front load garbage truck. Any idea if the MP8 is any better? Or should I go with a ISL9 hp?Paccar Inc.

PX-6 and PX-8 medium-duty engines

Paccar says during assembly, certain Kenworth models did not undergo the rear wheel mounting torque verification process, which could result in the rear wheels being loose and separating from the truck. Paccar estimates 49 trucks to be affected in this recall. Kenworth will notify owners, and dealers will verify the rear wheel lug nuts are correctly tightened, free of charge.

A notification schedule has not yet been released. The water may also cause corrosion which, over time, could result in an electrical short. Paccar is still developing and testing a remedy, according to the recall notice.

px8 engine problems

Approximately 1, trucks are included in a recall in which trucks equipped with the Paccar MX engines and Delco-Remy 40SI alternators have alternator charge cables that may chafe against a formed metal freon discharge line, which could cause an electrical short resulting in a fire. Paccar will notify owners, and dealers will reroute the alternator cable away from the metal freon line, free of charge. Presented By: pamtransport. Your email address will not be published.

Please wait while you are being authenticated Consent is not a condition of any purchase.

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px8 engine problems

Two recalls issued for Peterbilts. SuperRigs part of big Texas race we Celadon trucks, trailers go on auct Texas cops given truck, trailer for Watch for autonomous trucks being t There are 10 comments Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

Houston trucker honored for aiding gunshot victim.By MackdaddyApril 13, in Engine and Transmission. Gonna get the Allison auto and half the year pulling a shorty dump at 73, and the other half pulling a tank or a long dump at 80, I'm a tech for a oil field fleet, of water haulers.

We have about 10 mo8 engines and they have all been great. One set of cups went bad on a that truck was rolled has been problems ever seance other then that the MPs have been awesome.

They do as well or better than what else is out there. For mixed on-off road, a C or C should do well. You wont get maximum mileage with an Allison, but thats your call based on the trade offs with the job you do daily.

I run a with mp8 and 13spd auto shift. Pull 48' skate board spread axle. Mostly heavy steel loads. Always right at 80k gross.

Run east to west coast. I pull hills, desert, flat lands, snow, ice, you name it. I run the snot out of this mack! I get 6. My family has always run macks. Telling ya am sold on this mp8. Shes pushing k miles dont use drop of oil. Or any fluids.

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Runs like a watch. Very pleased. This girl has big thighs and pulls good. It set at hp. Drop to tenth and maintain 60mph up hill. And the best part Mack shop treats me right at the right price. Never had that any where else. Best luck to ya. Safe trips. Under Dog, what was your motor originally set at and how did you set it to ?

I was thinking about the cause I don't think you can get the Allison with the I know some guys that have the Allison and love them. I do a lot of stop and go in traffic for half the year and think the Allison would be great. The auto shift doesn't work good for the construction stuff I do.