Spanish numbers practice 1 1000 listening

Print Page Email Page. Gender of Nouns I 2. Gender of Nouns II 3. Numbers: 4. Plural Forms of Nouns 5. Articles 6. The Verb Form "hay" 7. Subject Pronouns 8. Verbs I 9. Verbs II Verbs III Adjectives I Adjectives II Days of the Week Numbers: Unit Two Ser and Estar I Ser and Estar II Ser and Estar III Ser and Estar IV Negation Questions Adjectives Tener, venir Weather Expressions In this article I share everything you need to know about numbers in Spanish.

Practice Spanish for Free!

I cover what the Spanish numbers are, shortcuts for how to learn them, and some bonus stuff. Now here are the first numbers in Spanish.

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After you've read these I'll break things down and explain some tricks for remembering them. A lot to take in? Take another look and try to spot the patterns.

spanish numbers practice 1 1000 listening

I recommend you follow these steps to get all the numbers into your head:. Want to learn Spanish fast? Then check out our favourite Spanish course, SpanishPod It includes fun, easy to follow lessons on Spanish numbers.

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When you think about it, those two phrases mean the same thing; the only difference is in emphasis. However, it's important to note that the word uno changes to match the gender of the noun it describes. Before a feminine noun, it becomes una. Before a masculine noun, you drop the o and just use un.

The number can be translated into Spanish as either cien or ciento. What's the difference? Note that you don't need to add y after ciento — it's ciento unonot ciento y uno. For numbers from toyou must first learn the multiples of These are simple enough — just note that quinientossetecientos and novecientos are slightly irregular. To fill in the gaps, e. In English, it's conventional to break up big numbers with a comma every three digits to aid readability.To get toall of the rules you have learned so far continue to apply.

All you need to do now is learn to count by s all the way toand that is quite easy:. Finally, in Spanish a period is used to indicate thousands, and a comma is used as a decimal point. Print Page Email Page. Gender of Nouns I 2. Gender of Nouns II 3. Numbers: 4.

Plural Forms of Nouns 5. Articles 6. The Verb Form "hay" 7. Subject Pronouns 8. Verbs I 9. Verbs II Verbs III Adjectives I Adjectives II Days of the Week Numbers: Unit Two Ser and Estar I Ser and Estar II Ser and Estar III Ser and Estar IV Negation Would you like to learn how to write and read any Spanish number that comes to your mind? Spanish numbers are easy to learn.

Any other number is written as a combination of them:. Actually, you know 82, because numbers from 31 all the way to 99 are formed simply by writing the tens and the units, separated by the word y and.

But, what about the numbers from 11 to 29? Now you know how to count from 0 to To be able to count all the way toyou just need to learn ten more Spanish numbers, the hundreds:.

It is cien only when the number is exactlyor when it goes right before mil thousandmillones millionsmillardos billionsbillones trillionsand so on more on that later. The thousands above are written exactly the same as in English: two thousand dos miland so forth.

If the number is not an exact multiple ofthen simply add the rest at the end, just as in English:. For millions, you do also just as in English: first, you write the number of millions and then the rest of the number. Unlike in English, in Spanish we use the long scale of powers of a million. Thus, for a Spanish speaker living in the USAthe use of the short scale is now considered acceptable.

spanish numbers practice 1 1000 listening

Thus, it is used in the same way as any other quantity noun:. The Spanish numbers can be more easily remembered if you associate them with English words that have a common origin or some kind of resemblance. The Spanish numbers uno and veintiuno are apocopated shortened when they are right before a noun, adjective or another numeral.

Some numerals have specifically feminine forms. These are needed when the number precedes a feminine word:.

In the last case numerals ending in -one before milthe feminine form is considered optional. That is, it is also correct and frequent to say treinta y un mil libras.

At this point, you should be able to do well on any of our quizzes on Spanish numbers. Periods, commas, apostrophes… Traditionally, several different delimiters have been used to separate the fractional part from the integer part of a decimal number.

Currently, the recommended separator in Spanish is the commaas established by international guidelines the period is also acceptable, though. For example, the number pi in Spanish is 3,… In words: tres coma uno cuatro uno cinco nueve….

This way, we avoid possible confusion with the decimal point. Numbers with only four digits must not be separated. By Eduardo I. Iriarte Gahete. Noun Feminine Masculine. Looking for a translated list?Published: Mar 25, Join group, and play Just play.

Numbers in Spanish: listening quiz 2 (1000 to millions)

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Give it a try! This is a quiz called Spelling - in Spanish Just point and click to play this game. From the author Can you spell numbers from - in Spanish?

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Spanish Numbers

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Surprise Me! For You Badges 65 Playlists 4 Tournaments AI Stream The more you play, the more accurate suggestions for you. Your Streams. Cities by Landmarks 11p Image Quiz. I spy on The Western States 11p Image Quiz.The way we write and pronounce numbers is quite different from English, but they are still as important to give or get some personal information.

spanish numbers practice 1 1000 listening

This lesson is about cardinal numbers, which are often used to share or get some personal information about ages, phone numbers and many other things. The picture below shows how to spell numbers in Spanish from one to twenty-one. We will learn how to count to 20 in Spanish by presenting them in two groups of examples. They must be memorized too, but there is a simple pattern to follow for some numbers, particularly from 16 to This is the end of these lesson. Hopefully, you will remember most Spanish numbers If not, you can always come back to these lesson and review.

In the next two lessons, we will learn numbers in Spanish from 21 to and then numbers over Before you leave, test yourself with this cool quiz. This short quiz will help you practice Spanish numbers with some simple exercises. This way you can see by yourself if you know how to spell these numbers and if you understand the basics of how they are used in simple sentences.

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Numbers 1 - 1,000

Quiz-summary 0 of 5 questions completed Questions: 1 2 3 4 5. You have already completed the quiz before. Hence you can not start it again. You must sign in or sign up to start the quiz. You have to finish following quiz, to start this quiz:. Results 0 of 5 questions answered correctly Your time: Time has elapsed You have reached 0 of 0 points, 0 Average score. Answered Review. Question 1 of 5. Please order these numbers from one to ten in Spanish. Perform these operations and drag the correct result.

Please order the numbers from eleven to twenty in Spanish. Write words in Spanish for the numbers in Spanish from in parenthesis. Please complete the sentences with the written form of the numbers in Spanish. Share this: Facebook Pinterest Twitter Print. UNO — Tengo una noticia importante para ti I have important news for you.

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spanish numbers practice 1 1000 listening

Are you sixteen now? I am seventeen years old.Each resource is categorized as elementary, middle or high School. Teachers please feel free to use these Spanish teaching resources, but we ask that you respect the copyright and footer information of all of them. I am looking for some resources for my Spanish story time that I do at my public library. The children I have at my storytimes range from ages 3 to middle school and I would like to do some hands-on activities with the children so they can have fun and learn Spanish at the same time.

Thank you so much for your help and have a great day. Another good blog with activities, ideas etc. A post with many ideas for children: Actividades ELE para primaria. Name required. Email will not be published required. My name is Emilia Carrillo.

I started sharing my teaching materials in when I took time off work to be with my children. Little did I know that Spanish4Teachers was going to be such a big hit! Now the site compiles not only my materials, but materials shared by many generous teachers. Why free? Because collaboration enhances teaching! Would you like to share your materials with the Spanish4Teachers. You can read about tech integration in the Spanish4Teachers TechBlog. Spanish Numbers Cards Los Numeros spanish 4 teachers.

Ready to print and cut to play memory matching cards or even use as flash cards. Spanish Numbers Games middle school three online games to learn and practice the Spanish numbers. Social studies and counting elementary a Social Studies lesson plan on counting in Spanish. Then you can practice the numbers with either a listening or a speaking activity. Learn and practice the numbers in Spanish website devoted to make Spanish numbers easy to learn.

Shows tricks to learn the numbers in Spanish easily. Could go with the handout provide d below numeral 2. Shows tricks to learn them easily. Spanish Number s PowerPoint from 1 to 10 elementary excellent interactive presentation with sound, to teach and practice the numbers from 1 to 10 in Spanish. Also the ones from 20 to 29 and the trick to learn them. Uses both the numbers and the words.

Count to Six in Spanish Worksheet Numbers elementary worksheet to practice the numbers from one to six in Spanish. Tammy April 27, at pm. Emilia Carrillo May 4, at am. Hola Tammy, 1. A post with many ideas for children: Actividades ELE para primaria 4. Leave a Reply Click here to cancel reply.